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Southern Cross Affiliated

Hygienist Treatment

New Patient Hygiene (1 hour)                                                              $190

Regular Hygiene (50 minutes)                                                            $180 Student Hygiene (upto 25yo) Note: please show student ID                    $120

EMS Airflow

EMS AirFlow (30mins) Note: staining removal only                                     $100                                                            

Periodontal Therapy

(Incl. local anesthetic if required)

Periodontal Disease Consult (30mins)                                              $80   Note: assessment only, no cleaning                                                               

Periodontal treatment (90mins)                                             from  $275

           May require more than one appointment

Ongoing Periodontal treatment (60mins)                                       $190

Tamariki Time

Baby check 0-3yo                                                                                 $50

Childs Hygiene 3-12yo                                                                          $80

Childs Hygiene 13-18yo inc. braces                                                   $100

Dental Radiographs

Intra-Oral                                                                                        $20 each

Extra-Oral (full mouth)                                                                          $110

If you've had dental radiographs within the last 12 months please request them from your dentist, & email to

Boutique Whitening

Complimentary 30min consultation                                                  FREE

BOUTIQUE Whitening custom trays + 4x gels                                  $400

Please note, we might finish earlier than the allocated appointment, but this is because we still have work to do for your overall experience. Thorough clinic notes will be taken, decontamination of the room, and sterilisation of your instruments to insure cross infection protocols are met.

Subscription Options

2x Hygiene Appointments per year = $32pm



4x Hygiene Appointments per year = $62pm


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