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Oral Hygiene Education


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Most people brush better with an electric toothbrush, your Hygienist can advise you on which is best, and the technique!

For most people 2x daily for 2 minutes each.
Some people need more times and for longer, including those with;
-Gum disease
-High sugar diet/ high tooth decay risk


1450ppm 2x daily (check your toothpaste- most known brands should have this)

Higher fluoride toothpaste or varnishes can be given by your dental professionals.

The amount of toothpaste, not the content of fluoride, is what is important for children of certain ages (see picture)

Gum Disease & Flossing

Bleeding gums are NOT normal. This is often caused by plaque on and underneath the gums. Flossing gets rid of this plaque (bacteria)


Flossing Tips.png

Electric Toothbrushes for Tamariki

The 3yrs+ electric brushes connect to a

 'Disney Magic Timer App' which makes brushing more

fun for your little one!

Click on the photo to take you to more information on toothbrushes for children.


Click on the button for more education.


 'Learn' under tabs

 'Why Oral-B'

 'Children's Oral Health'

FREE Dental Care for Tamariki

Aotearoa offers FREE dental care from ages 0-17, until your child's 18th birthday. 

1. Enrol your child with the Ministry of Health by calling 0800 825 583.

2. Their first appointment should be between their 1st-2nd birthday, at one of the community dental services clinics. There, they will be cared for until they go to school at 5yo.

3. Between 5-12yo, children are seen at school by the Dental Services Mobile Clinics.

4. At 13yo/Year 9 you can then sign your child up with an affiliated Private Dental Clinic, where free care is offered until their 18th birthday. 

Unfortunately Dental Hygiene appointments are private. But at FLOSS we have reduced prices to make it more affordable for parents, and will give thorough preventative care!

Click on the Picture above to take you to the BRUSHDJ site, and download the app for songs, toothbrushing instructions and more!

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