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Tooth Brushing Technique

Using an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush? Yes?

Using it correctly? Maybe not...

Want to learn how to brush your teeth effectively?

Oral-B Electric toothbrush heads spin in circular motions, doing the work so you don't have too. Just hold the brush on each individual tooth surface, and let it do the work. Do NOT use it as you would a manual toothbrush!


  1. Place pea-sized toothpaste of the brush head

  2. Smear toothpaste evenly around all teeth before turning on

  3. Choose where to begin, make it one of the last teeth at the back

  4. Place toothbrush head at a 90degree angle on the outer (cheek) tooth surface on a bag tooth (for instance, lower left), turn the toothbrush on.

  5. Leave on each surface for a few seconds, then briefly angle into gum line for a second before repositioning onto the next tooth at a 90degree angle.

  6. Follow this step on the whole outer surface on the lower jaw. Moving along each tooth, few seconds at 90degrees, then one second 45degrees into the gum. DO NOT SCRUB.

  7. Once all outer surfaces are done, move onto biting surface, and hold the toothbrush again 90 degrees onto the teeth. Hold for a couple seconds on each surface before moving on and follow all biting surfaces around the arch.

  8. Then, move onto the insides, hold at 90degrees and push into the gumline for a second at a 45degree angle, you'll need to move your elbow up higher for this part. Follow the whole arch in the same manner.

  9. Now onto the opposite arch, i.e top teeth! Outside (cheek) surfaces, biting surfaces, then inside surfaces.

I will also add a video to further aid good toothbrushing technique!

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